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Karate Chops for Woodshedding

Use Karate Chops to break up the notes and make woodshedding fun! Karate masters break boards and bricks to show their mastery of a skill. Musicians can use music “karate chops”

Flute Resources Online

Flute Resources Online There are many places on the internet offering materials related to the flute. Here are a few of my favorites. http://www.kimcollinsflute.com/resources-and-info.html This private flute teacher’s website has links

Improvisation Inspiration

Improvisation Inspiration As part of my “file cabinet” method for organizing practice, I encourage everyone to add improvisation to their daily practice. Remember, improvisation can take lots of different forms

Practice Session, part 6: Review

Review: Time to Revisit, Reflect, and Plan. The sixth and final part of a productive practice session wraps everything up and puts a bow on it. If you’re just starting this

Practice Session, part 5: Improvisation

Improvisation: Beyond the Lesson Materials. The fifth part of a practice session should include music that you love. If you’re just starting this blog series, be sure to read the

Practice Session, Part 4: Repertoire

Repertoire The fourth element in a productive practice session. If you haven’t read the blog posts OVERVIEW, WARM UP, SCALES, and ETUDES, you may want to start with those before reading about

Practice Session, Part 3: Etudes

Etudes, or study pieces, are the third element of a productive practice session. If you haven’t read the blog posts OVERVIEW, WARM UP, and SCALES, you may want to start with

Practice Session, part 2: Scales & Technique

Scales and Technique The second of the six parts of a practice session. In the first blog post of this seven part series, I gave a general overview the elements of typical

Practice Session, Part 1: Warm Up

Warm Up This blog post is the second in a seven part series about the structure of a typical practice session. In the blog post “Overview,” I outlined the six

Practice Session: Overview

Practice Session Structure Overview In this seven part series, I will discuss how to structure a typical practice session. This will offer a solid guideline for what things should be