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Recital Preparation

The Studio Recital for my students is this week and we’ve been talking about recital preparation. Mental preparation in the two weeks leading up to a performance is critical. By this stage, you should

I love Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut is my hero. I’ve read nearly every one of Kurt Vonnegut’s books. I love his wry humor and oddball social commentary. So it goes. This Vonnegut quote was


What do marching bands, music competitions, and playing classical music in the dark have in common? Memorization. Performing musicians are asked to memorize music from time to time. Memorization is often required for

Karate Chops for Woodshedding

Use Karate Chops to break up the notes and make woodshedding fun! Karate masters break boards and bricks to show their mastery of a skill. Musicians can use music “karate chops”

Flute Resources Online

Flute Resources Online There are many places on the internet offering materials related to the flute. Here are a few of my favorites. http://www.kimcollinsflute.com/resources-and-info.html This private flute teacher’s website has links

Improvisation Inspiration

Improvisation Inspiration As part of my “file cabinet” method for organizing practice, I encourage everyone to add improvisation to their daily practice. Remember, improvisation can take lots of different forms

Practice Session, part 6: Review

Review: Time to Revisit, Reflect, and Plan. The sixth and final part of a productive practice session wraps everything up and puts a bow on it. If you’re just starting this

Practice Session, part 5: Improvisation

Improvisation: Beyond the Lesson Materials. The fifth part of a practice session should include music that you love. If you’re just starting this blog series, be sure to read the

Practice Session, Part 4: Repertoire

Repertoire The fourth element in a productive practice session. If you haven’t read the blog posts OVERVIEW, WARM UP, SCALES, and ETUDES, you may want to start with those before reading about

Practice Session, Part 3: Etudes

Etudes, or study pieces, are the third element of a productive practice session. If you haven’t read the blog posts OVERVIEW, WARM UP, and SCALES, you may want to start with