Flute Resources Online

Flute Resources Online

There are many places on the internet offering materials related to the flute. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • http://www.kimcollinsflute.com/resources-and-info.html This private flute teacher’s website has links to many other flute players and teachers, book recommendations, and more. It’s a good place to start browsing.
  • Long List of Graded Repertoire with Extended Techniques for unaccompanied Flute, Piccolo, Alto and Bass Flute by Helen Bledsoe provides a good list of unaccompanied solos by difficulty level. Many of my students enjoy choosing unaccompanied pieces for recitals, competitions, and other performances because it eliminates the need for a pianist, thus saving the student time and money.
  • You could spend days on the IMSLP website. It contains thousands of public domain sheet music for all instruments and ensemble combinations. I’ve used it to find music for my recorder ensemble, solos for flute and piano, flute and string quartet, and much more. Because these pieces are all out of copyright you don’t have to worry about paying royalties if you record this music or perform for profit. Not all the music is amazing– there’s a reason some of it has gone out of copyright! However, one of my adult students found a flute piece on here that I LOVE and I can’t believe it has been overlooked by flutists.

    flute resources online

    free duet from FluteTunes.com

  • I’ve saved the best for last. The Flute Tunes website is my favorite website for free sheet music. It’s great for sight reading because the website offers a new tune every day. I used this website earlier today to find a fun but challenging duet for a student to play at our next studio recital. In addition to a large library of music, the FluteTunes website also offers a metronome, tuner, music glossary, and links to articles about the flute. There are small ads on the left side of the page, but that seems fair given that everything on this site is free!

What are your favorite flute resources online?

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