Improvisation Inspiration

Improvisation Inspiration

beatboxing improvisation

As part of my “file cabinet” method for organizing practice, I encourage everyone to add improvisation to their daily practice. Remember, improvisation can take lots of different forms from trying to figure out at favorite song by ear to playing a solo with a jazz band.

Flutists can do some really cool things with their instruments, like using the keys to make percussion sounds, singing and playing at the same time, or flutter tonguing. These “extended techniques” give us a big sound palette and modern composers such as Robert Dick are taking full advantage of them.

Greg Pattillo is a flutist who is pushing the boundaries of the sonic capabilities of the flute. He beatboxes while playing to create a totally new and exciting sound. You can find him on many YouTube videos. Here’s a link to some of the videos he has posted on his personal website:

Greg has a video “Beatbox Flute 101” to help get you started:

Want to be the coolest flutist in the band? Try beatboxing and impress all your friends!


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