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Rebound Breath: Technique for Singers and Wind Players breathing

Rebound Breath: Technique for Singers and Wind Players For wind players and singers, finding places to breathe is a constant struggle. We must balance the demands of the phrase with

Music and Math: Three Concepts for Understanding Rhythm

Music and Math My job as a music teacher is to help students understand the basic elements of music. Rhythm is the most difficult of the “right-or-wrong” music elements (the others

Practice Session, Part 3: Etudes

Etudes, or study pieces, are the third element of a productive practice session. If you haven’t read the blog posts OVERVIEW, WARM UP, and SCALES, you may want to start with

Practice Session, part 2: Scales & Technique

Scales and Technique The second of the six parts of a practice session. In the first blog post of this seven part series, I gave a general overview the elements of typical

Woodshedding: Grouping Game

GROUPING GAME for your Woodshedding arsenal. Woodshedding is the process of isolating a difficult section of music and practicing it until the technical issues are resolved. In other blog posts,