Music Class and Birthday Parties

Music Class and Birthday Parties for Preschool Children

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Music Class

Music and movement classes with Miss Marlene are fun!

Marlene with a group of preschool children

We dance and sing, chase bubbles, and play musical instruments (bells, rhythm sticks, maracas, drums, and more!) Every 45 minute class is filled with activity and learning. Kids enjoy interacting with others their age in a safe, open environment. Language and motor development are naturally enhanced through play.

My origin story: In 2000, I began working at a non-profit music school in Boulder, CO. I was a student at the University of Colorado at the time and very interested in the different kinds of music and movement classes. After studying several name-brand music programs, I blended some of my favorite folk songs, music games of children around the world, and catchy “Toddler Top Ten Tunes” (with my own twists!) to create this class. It’s always evolving as I learn new songs from other parents and educators. What makes my program different is that it is adaptive, not rigidly prescribed, and works for a wide age range. The goal of this class is to promote positive parent-child interaction in a happy musical environment. Controlled chaos is my specialty!

I am currently teaching “Whirlygig” classes at the Dublin Rec. Center on Tuesday mornings. Please visit my schedule page or the DCRC website for more information.

music class

music class in Dublin

Birthday Parties

What is more fun than balloons, a bigger crowd-pleaser than a clown, and less mess than a craft table? Musical birthday parties with Miss Marlene, perfect for ages one through six.

birthday party

birthday party with Miss Marlene

Your child will love having their own music class and dance party. Watch your child light up as we sing his/her name in the special birthday song at the beginning of the show. All the friends will love playing with the instruments and we’ll get all the parents dancing with us too! Your child will be able to choose the music we sing. A special surprise (the best bubbles in the world!) will close the 45-minute interactive concert. For large groups, I can bring my sound system and really rock out!

Contact me for information about availability and pricing.

“Thank you so much for making music with our family! You have taught us many songs which will always be family classics. It has been wonderful watching my daughter bloom in your class!”

“Thank you so much for being such a great music class teacher. My two year old and I have really enjoyed music class, your energy and excitement brings out the best in the kids. Music class with you is the highlight of our week. Thanks for teaching us all the great songs.”

“My daughter loved every minute of Marlene’s classes. She requested that we sing the songs from class all week. Marlene is so great with toddlers. Her classes are age appropriate and she is very appreciative of toddler behaviors. My daughter’s social and language skills both improved as a result of Marlene’s classes.”

“Thank you so much for playing some of my favorite songs at my birthday party! I had so much fun with you, and I know my friends did too. (I know because their mommies told my mommy.) You are the best music teacher ever! Thank you again. Love, Ryann (age 4)”

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