The Journey: Discovery

It’s not the destination that’s important. We are travelers on a long journey of discovery.

I am constantly reminded of how much I don’t know. Because music is a process of learning and discovery, we never fully arrive at mastery. Even the best musicians in the world are still learning and honing their craft. My friend James on Facebook posted this insightful video about the different levels of studying harmony:

I’m still thinking about this video two days later. I wonder how I might voice chords differently on guitar or when working with the Vocal Resistance Choir. As a flutist who mainly deals with melody, studying harmony is fascinating.

I’m Discovering New Music Too

My most recent obsession is beatboxing for the flute. Many of my students have seen Greg Pattillo’s awesome videos where he beatboxes and plays the flute at the same time. I never get tired of watching a student’s eyes light up when they see one of these beatboxing videos for the first time. It’s a revelation and an inspiration.

I bought the music for Greg Pattillo’s “Three Beats” last week and I’m having a blast learning how to make all the sounds. Fortunately, Greg has made YouTube videos to help noobs like me learn how to do this. I’m driving my kids crazy working on the “B” bass kick sound. I don’t know if I will ever perform this piece, but it’s great fun learning something new. Besides, when students are motivated to try beatboxing for themselves, I’ll be able to steer them in the right direction.

Discovery for Lifelong Learning

I love to learn new things because it kindles my passion. In music, there are an infinite number of things to discover and endless subgenres. New music is being written every day and research is exploding on how music effects our brains and bodies.

I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: “Never forget the pleasure of the Journey.”

picture in music studio

“Never forget the pleasure of the journey.”

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