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Marking Rhythms (Miss It? Mark It! part 4)

Marking Rhythms (Miss It? Mark It! part 4) This is the fourth article in a series about “marking music,” providing visual solutions to problems musicians encounter during practice. Our brains

New Ideas for Marking Music (part 5 of Miss It? Mark It!)

Miss It? Mark It! part 5 A new student arrived at her lesson this week with music beautifully colored. Last week, I had encouraged Madeline* to write in her music.

Practice Hacks: The Pencil Problem

The pencil monster struck again. I was listening to my 8 year-old daughter while she was practicing. She was playing the flute in her room and I stepped in to

Miss It? Mark It! Part 3 (pencil marks)

Adding pencil marks to music are effective in helping learn new material. But exactly what parts should be marked and what symbols are helpful? If a mistake happens consistently, try to

Miss It? Mark It! Part 2 (How to mark music)

Do you know how to mark music? This post is the second in a series about how to mark music to aid practicing. Teachers may say “Mark it,” but don’t offer specifics. Here’s