Musical Web: Sharing Links and Ideas

Musical Web: Sharing Links and Ideas

The Musical Web

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter took an audition for the youth orchestra. As she was warming up in the practice room, we talked about how important it is to always make a favorable impression. The music world isn’t very big. Here in Columbus, OH, it seems like everybody knows everybody else. The folks I met while working on my undergraduate at OSU are the same people I still work with today. My daughter walked into the audition and was greeted by the music director, who had been her coach for a chamber music program! He remembered her and they had a nice chat before the audition. (We just found out that she made the Cadet Orchestra. It was a very good audition indeed!)

The Worldwide Web of Musicians

Recently, a blog article that I wrote (“Singing In Tune”) was featured on the London-based website¬†Musical U¬†( )

It’s a quick mention, but I’m thrilled someone is reading my blog.

I was pinned on Pinterest for the blog article Music and Math: Three Concepts for Understanding Rhythm

Other Connections

Would you like to be connected with me in this little corner of the musical web? Send me a link and I’ll include it here. Collaboration is at the heart of the musician’s art.


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