Marching Lyre for Flutists (Humor)

Marching Lyre for Flutists (Humor)

In a previous post, I talked about the miserable options for flutists using a marching lyre.

In marching band, musicians often have to learn music quickly, and bringing sheet music onto the field is helpful. Most instruments have a handy place to attach a metal lyre which holds the flip folder full of music.

The picture below shows a saxophone with a lyre and flip folder:

marching lyre

saxophone with marching lyre

Flutists, however, do not have it so easy.

Our options include the tourniquet, especially useful if a bandmate is bitten by a rattlesnake during halftime:

lyre for flute on wrist

Or perhaps you prefer the headgear because you love carefully threading your arms and flute through this contraption:

flute lyre for neck

My personal favorite is the clip that leaves a nasty scratch and can’t actually bear the weight of the flip folder:

clip lyre for flute

Perhaps the historical solution is the best of all:

flute marching lyre

Note the heavy-duty construction, made of wood and pipe, carefully belted at the waist.┬áJust don’t try to march forward. The visibility is poor.

Here’s to another great marching season. Flutists, good luck!

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