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One Grown and Flown

Last week, I helped my son move into his dorm at the University of Colorado to pursue a double major in music (piano) and mechanical engineering. I’ve been a music

Online Music Lessons: One Year And Counting

One year ago, this flute studio moved to all online music lessons. It was a massive shift in the way I teach. More Benefits of Online Music Lessons There have

Breathing for Flutists, According to Arnold Jacobs

Arnold Jacobs was principal tuba for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 44 years. He inspired countless musicians to breathe more freely and produce a better tone. Flutists have benefitted from

Music Video Projects: Music in the Time of COVID

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is flexibility. Musicians have had to adapt to the “new normal,” just like everyone else. We have had to deploy technologies such

Flutes in Quarantine: Pandemic Safety Part 2 flutes in quarantine

The title “Flutes in Quarantine” is a bit cheeky. Now, after more than five months after the world was shut down for COVID-19, we laugh to keep from crying. It’s

Pandemic Flute Safety, Part 1 pandemic flute practice

Is it safe to play the flute at rehearsals during the pandemic? No, not around other people. There is a lot of misinformation. This blog post examines some of the early papers.

Virtual Music: Teaching Lessons Online: The Difficult

In my previous blog post, I talked about the positive things that have happened to my studio now that I am teaching online lessons. The global coronavirus pandemic caused rapid

Virtual Music: Teaching Lessons Online: The Good

I began teaching lessons online in the middle of March 2020, as soon as the Governor of the State of Ohio issued stay-at-home orders. It happened very quickly. In fact,

Maquarre Daily Exercises: Scales and Articulation

The Daily Exercises are the perfect exercises for building technique in the intermediate-advanced student. As a teacher, I use Daily Exercises for the Flute by Andre Maquarre with high school

A New Normal: Thoughts on COVID-19 Pandemic

As I write this, our household has been isolating for 17 days due to the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic. We live in Ohio, one of the most proactive states for