Month: September 2015


Gigs: The Fun and the Funny. Freelance musicians are dependent on gigs for their livelihood. Though it may seem like an easy way to make money, the truth is a


What do marching bands, music competitions, and playing classical music in the dark have in common? Memorization. Performing musicians are asked to memorize music from time to time. Memorization is often required for

The physics of tuning

Tuning: A Physics Lesson It’s fascinating to study the mathematics of intonation. All musicians will benefit from a basic knowledge of how the musical scale is created. As a flute teacher,

Karate Chops for Woodshedding

Use Karate Chops to break up the notes and make woodshedding fun! Karate masters break boards and bricks to show their mastery of a skill. Musicians can use music “karate chops”

Flute Resources Online

Flute Resources Online There are many places on the internet offering materials related to the flute. Here are a few of my favorites. This private flute teacher’s website has links