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Vocal Resistance, Central Ohio’s Social Justice Choir, is in the March issue of 614 Magazine614 Magazine

Thank you, Laura Dachenbach and the editors of 614 Magazine, for including Vocal Resistance in your article about choirs with a purpose. The March 2018 issue has a story titled “Lift Every Voice.”  

Vocal Resistance is featured along with the Illuminati Choir (from the Gay Men’s Chorus) and the Columbus Threshold Choir.

Singing is an undeniably a unique physiological experience, and for those who can’t help but sing, Central Ohio has plentiful opportunities to make that experience not just a source of personal fulfillment, but a mission in life as well. -Laura Dachenbach in “Lift Every Voice,” 614 Magazine, March 2018

Singing in a choir is good for the heart and mind

Coincidentally, only yesterday I watched a TED Talk about the many benefits of singing in a choir. Community choirs are lovely examples of events that cut across gender, ethnic, socioeconomic, and ability barriers. They offer countless benefits to our well-being. So why don’t more people sing? Perhaps because they have been told in the past that they have a bad voice, can’t hear pitches, or some other nonsense. I think it’s time to reclaim our voices, join them together, and create some good in this world.

Sing with Vocal Resistance

Vocal Resistance

Singing out for justice, empathy, and peace

If you live in the Central Ohio area, I invite you to sing with Vocal Resistance. We meet twice a month for rehearsals: first Thursdays in Lewis Center and third Wednesdays in Columbus. More information can be found on our website (VocalResistance.org) or by connecting with us on Facebook (Vocal Resistance).

Other Central Ohio choirs include

Choirs throughout the world

If you don’t live in the Central Ohio area, I encourage you to see out a choir in your area. The Justice Choir is planting social justice choirs throughout North America. Their songbook is a terrific resource of creative commons material.

Most cities will have a community choir. And many churches have choirs too.

Sweet Adeline’s International has over 22,000 women members worldwide.

Comment below if you would like a choir added to the above lists. I’m happy to include a link to the website.


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